About A Resident Resort Business

Most of the resort business properties here in our beautiful state of Michigan are seasonal and operate in the spring, summer and early fall months, which is between 5 and 6 months out of the year. It's a lifestyle change that has many advantages and can bring real security for the owner and their family. When purchasing a resort business many times you are not only purchasing the business, but the real estate, residence, operating equipment and inventory. These are some of the points to consider in purchasing a seasonal resort.

  1. Own your own business and operate at your own pace and desire for your life style and income. The more you do in marketing, service to customers, and making your resort attractive to the customers, the more return business you build. A destination park and a transit park can be quite different. Many RV Parks have as much as 75% return business each year and customers return often for many years. Some owners opt to offer seasonal camp sites, giving customers a location in the park that they can leave their camper year round. We see many parks that limit these sites and offer daily site rental on the rest of their licensed camp sites.
  2. Buy and own real estate as you operate and build your business. As you grow it's often necessary to do capital improvements each year which builds the value of the infrastructure and the property. It can be an advantage to purchase a property at a lower price that has a good foundation and build for the future. Although many would like to purchase a turn-key business and then come in and add more from there and have a much bigger business. Real estate becomes more valuable as time goes on and often I have seen the value of the property surpass the value of the resort property value.
  3. Resident owners have many advantages in tax write offs, living expenses and convenience. Having your home on the property grounds is a real advantage to the owner financially.
  4. Working half of the year is very attractive to many who want to own their own business, but don't want to work continually. Having 6 months out of a year to travel and resort in other parts of the country is attractive to all ages and walks of life. Whether semi-retiring or building your business for your family as a young buyer, many times proves to be a wise decision.
  5. A healthy and fun atmosphere working with people who want to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. It can be a great place to raise a family, teaching children the value of working together. You meet people all over the world that are traveling and it can be a good experience for everyone.